Colegio Junípero

We are a bilingual and bi-cultural elementary school that has been providing a comprehensive academic program promoting ethical values for Pre-Kinder to 6th grade students for over 60 years. We aim to cultivate qualities such as integrity, self-confidence, character, and leadership skills. Our faculty members work closely with students to identify and develop their unique potential and talents. We encourage parental involvement in school activities to support each student's growth.


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Excellence at Colegio Junípero

At Colegio Junípero, we offer unparalleled academic resources, including an exceptional faculty and a world-class English program. However, it's the powerful partnership between parents and teachers that truly sets us apart. This collaboration creates an environment that inspires student growth and development.


Colegio Junípero

Unique Features of
Colegio Junipero

Colegio Junípero is a one-of-a-kind institution for several reasons. Our faculty is exceptional, and our world-class English program is just the beginning. Our unwavering commitment to fostering an environment of growth and development for our students is unparalleled. Additionally, we pride ourselves on the strong collaboration between parents and teachers, which sets us apart from other institutions.

Colegio Junípero

Our World-Class English Program

Our bilingual education program places significant emphasis on English proficiency. We understand the importance of being able to communicate effectively in today's globalized world, which is why we offer our students the opportunity to master the language. Step into our program and gain the necessary linguistic skills to succeed in any setting.

Colegio Junípero

Where Community is Valued

We prioritize the partnership between parents and educators, recognizing that it is fundamental in fostering a nurturing environment for our students. We encourage frequent communication, collaborative events, and shared goals to empower our community and help each student reach their full potential. Join us today and experience the power of community.

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